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RXinsider | 340B Solutions, Vendors, and Software


At R&S, we understand the challenges facing facilities in servicing their patient population and we want to ensure that you maximize the benefits and advantages the 340B program has to offer. 340B products can be purchased under APEXUS, PHS, and AFAXYS contracts while non-340B products can be purchased at source or GPO pricing.

340B Contract Pharmacy Vendor Software – Turnkey Pharmacy ?


340B Contract Pharmacy Vendor Software; 26 Nov 12; 0; 340B Contract Pharmacy Vendor Software Who did we choose for our Contract Pharmacy Vendor? We have received numerous questions about who we chose for our 340B contract pharmacy vendor. To get to the point, it was American Health Care. We looked at about ten different companies that have contract pharmacy software solutions and ?

340B Vendor Selection – Pharmacy Times


19/03/2018  · 340B Vendor Selection UNDERSTAND PRIORITIES. Whether a CE intends to switch platforms or embark on its first vendor search, engaging a wide… TOP CONSIDERATIONS. Generally, the primary areas of consideration when evaluating 340B software vendors are compliance,… Compliance. . The software must …

340B Management Systems Software Product Ranking ?


Some organizations are putting out RFPs because their current contracts are ending, but many others are seeking out solutions to fill the functionality and service gaps of their current 340B vendor. Newer market entrants, such as PSG and RxStrategies, represent additional options to consider alongside the already-established market players.

Leading the Industry Among 340B HIT Vendors | Sentry Data ?


Sentry Data Systems is the leading 340B HIT vendor, offering unmatched 340B compliance solutions and pharmacy procurement solutions.

340B Inventory Management System Software Solutions


21/05/2019  · Our team of experienced developers and engineers can help design a 340B software that can help identify patients eligible for the 340B program. This 340B database system can be integrated with other databases where the data of 340B eligible patients is stored. It will ensure that drugs obtained under the 340B program are restricted to outpatient use and given to individuals who meet the ?

2020 Category Leader 340B Management Systems


2015/2016. 340B Management Systems. 2014. 340B Management (Inpatient) Konfidence. Konfidence level. Konfidence Level Description. Products must have at least 30 live organizations participating for software and at least 15 live organizations for professional services. Exception to this is Transcription Services (30).

340B Software Buyer?s Guide : February 2020 – Pharmacy ?


ScriptPro?s automated 340B engine qualifies and processes prescription data to provide configurable, real-time 340B prescription processing accuracy. The 340B Management package facilitates real-time 340B eligibility checks and accurate 340B/non-340B inventory selection, helps prevent Medicaid ?double-dipping,? and utilizes predetermined price tables when submitting claims.