How To Make A Portal 2 Mod

Guide To How To Make A Portal 2 Mod

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Steam Community :: Guide :: Create a Portal 2 mod

04/03/2014  · Create a Portal 2 mod Create a playable mod. The first step, before you can do any sorts of customisation, is to make your mod playable. … Customise core menu funtions. Be advised, you need more than just a copy of Portal 2 for this part. If you don’t have… Customise core menu functions …

Create a portal 2 mod – Valve Developer Community

21/08/2018  · Create a portal 2 mod. Step 1. Create a folder for your mod in Steam/steamapps/sourcemods and rename it to the name of your mod. Open that folder and create two subfolders: … Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.

How-to: Make your own Portal 2 mod tutorial – Mod DB

20/09/2011  · This file is called "basemodui_english.txt". Go to your real Portal 2 installation folder, enter the resource folder, and find the file "basemodui_english.txt". In your mod folder, create a folder, also called "resource". You will have to put this text file in there. Create it, paste the text file in there.

Steam Community :: Guide :: How to make Portal 2 Mod? – Tutorial

04/08/2015  · Go to Portal 2/portal2/pak01_dir then open it and go to materials/console and copy startup_loading.vtf and startup_loading.vmf go to mod pak01_dir open it and go to materials/console and put that files there. If you get another missing error just copy that files to your game. 4.Menu configuration.

People Also Ask – How To Make A Portal 2 Mod

How to make a mod for portal on Steam?

Let’s assume we are creating a mod named "My Portal Mod", and that [Steam Root] is Steam’s installed path on your machine. (e.g. C:Program Files (x86)Steam ) Navigate to your SourceMods directory and create a folder named "MyPortalMod". In this new directory, create a file called GameInfo.txt .

Is the Portal 2 mod based on the Source engine?

Not all of those things, though. Portal 2 is still based on the Source engine, and uses similar principles when it comes to game files and running those files. So, welcome modders, and get ready to find out how long you can last through this painstakingly long guide.

Where can I find DLC for Portal 2?

// Your own assets Game portal2_dlc2 // DLC 2 assets Game portal2_dlc1 // DLC 1 assets Game portal2 // Base Portal 2 assets platform platform // Core engine files } } } After that, restart Steam and it will be listed in the Steam library.

Where to find VPK files in Portal 2?

So, in GCFScape, click ‘File,’ and then ‘Open.’ (Or just press Ctrl+O) Next thing, open up the directory of your Portal 2 installation. Open the ‘portal2_dlc2’ folder and find ‘pak01_dir.vpk’ and click on it. Make sure the file type is ‘VPK Files.’