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Chell | Half-Life Wiki | Fandom


Chell | Portal Wiki | Fandom


Chell is an Aperture Science Test Subject, and the esoteric, silent protagonist of Portal and Portal 2. Although Chell’s origins are unknown, she was most definitely among the people present during GLaDOS’s activation. Chell appears to be in her late 20s or early 30s, and of mixed ancestry or possibly Latin or Japanese descent (Chell’s face and body model, Alésia Glidewell, is of Brazilian and ?

Chell (Portal) – Wikipedia


Chell is the silent protagonist in the Portal video game series developed by Valve. She appears in both Portal and Portal 2 as the main player character and as a supporting character in some other video games. Not much is known about Chell but some posit she is the daughter of an employee at Aperture Science Laboratories, the main setting of the games.

Steam Workshop::Portal 1 – Chell playermodel


06/04/2019  · I’ve been waiting for a proper Portal 1 Chell Playermodel for so long. [email protected] Apr 27, 2019 @ 8:13pm can you do your own portal gun? that would be awsome, just a thought

Portal 1 VS Portal 2: Chell – YouTube


29/04/2011  · Who looks better? You decide.

Chell in Portal 1 vs Portal 2 HD | N4G


She is so ugly in portal 1. yeah in portal1 chell looked like she was some type of busted refugee. But in portal 2 shes more appealing due to like the style of everything she brought. Loving her jaggies too! /s.

Chell: Portal 1 / Portal 2 (she sure had a beauty sleep) : gaming


1. Chell looks rushed in Portal 1. The test subject was originally a man. While there’s no way to know when Chell was added into the original Portal it looks they rushed it a bit. She doesn’t look very much like Alesia Glidwell despite being modeled to look like her. Compare Portal’s Chell to Alesia and then compare the disparity between the two to the face models for the Left 4 Dead characters or even the ?

Portal 1 Hikayesi | Chell #Portal #ApertureScience – YouTube


09/12/2020  · Sercan Bor kanal?na ABONE olmak ister misin ? ABONE OL https://goo.gl/gKdYhWPortal 1 Hikayesi | Chell #Portal #ApertureSciencePortal’da oyuncu Chell is…

Portal 2 Chell for Portal [Portal] [Mods] – GameBanana


03/06/2014  · It would have been neat to see a switch of this for Portal 2 with Portal 1 Chell in 2. Mantra. Something isn’t right. URL to post: GamerMagyar Joined 7y ago. Offline. 146 points Ranked 73,898th. GamerMagyar. 7y. The Chell from Portal 1 is way uglier than the Portal 2 Chell. Thanks! 🙂 Bananite. URL to post: Joined 8y ago. I’m offline :3. 2,661 points Ranked 20,857th. 18 medals 4 rare. ?

Chell [Portal 2] [Mods] – GameBanana


Chell – Mods for Portal 2. Chell. Mod Category Submitter Stats. Thicc Chell Add-On: Gem Warrior Themed Chell NSFW. Submitter. Finn the Gem Warrior Joined 1y ago. Offline. 935 points Ranked 43,908th.

People Also Ask – Portal 1 Chell

Where does the character Chell come from Portal 2?

Chell’s face and body model were derived from Alésia Glidewell. She experienced a redesign in Portal 2 which was often changed during development. For example, the original redesign featured a laboratory hat. A character presented in first-person perspective, Chell can only be seen through reflections and portals in the game.

How did Chell get GLaDOS out of the portal?

Chell finds and picks up GLaDOS, whom Wheatley has placed in a small module powered by a potato battery. Opening the hatch that seals off the old facility from the new, Chell inadvertently pumps Mobility Gels up to the new facility, which later proves useful. Wheatley captures her and forces her to run tests for him until she finds his lair.

Who are the test subjects in Portal 2?

Chell, documented as Test Subject #1 but previously as #1498, is the silent protagonist of Portal and the single-player campaign of Portal 2; she is a former Aperture Science Test Subject. Her predecessor is Mel.

Where can you find Chell in Lego Dimensions?

Placing two portals next to each other on a wall and then partially entering the one portal while facing the other allows the player a close-up view of Chell’s face. Chell is a playable character in the crossover game Lego Dimensions, and has access to her portal gun.