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Test Chamber 15 – Portal Wiki Guide – IGN


23/07/2019  · Testchamber 15. You need to get past the large, incandescent particle field that blocks off the opposite half of the room. However, you cannot simply shoot a portal through the particle field …

Portal Walkthrough – Level 15 – YouTube


21/01/2011  · Portal Walkthrough – Level 15

Portal Reloaded: Chamber 15 | Walkthrough Guide


Chamber 15 Walkthrough Guide ? Portal Reloaded. Follow the steps carefully, as you will be going to portals quite often, and on this stage- Chamber 15, portal placement is key, since there are a lot of lasers you will need to utilize. More Guides: Fortnite: Durr Burger Location | Season 5 Chapter 2. Go Through Particle Field. Start off by going through the particle field on the left of you. Once inside, shoot a blue ?

Portal Level 15 Walkthrough – YouTube


18/10/2007  · Level 15 in Valve’s game "Portal"

Portal walkthrough – Advanced Chamber 15 – YouTube


25/10/2007  · As part of a complete Portal puzzle walkthrough for www.halflife2.net

People Also Ask – Portal 15 Walkthrough

Where can I find the Portal 2 walkthrough?

We hope you enjoy and we’re glad you’re joining us on this experience of the Modding community! Join our community at: Discord: ? https://halflife.chat Twitter:? https://twitter.com/Bolloxed_Potato And remember to Subscribe!

Where do you put the portal in test chamber 15?

Place the blue portal on the ceiling above the pellet receptor, using the faint red light as a guide for the placement. The pellet should warp through the wall and come out of the ceiling the enter the receptor. The receptor activates a platform in the room that’ll take you to a third part of the testchamber.

How do you shoot a portal in portal?

However, you cannot simply shoot a portal through the particle field. Instead, you’ll need to use a momentum jump to reach the other side of the room. Look overhead for a panel of wall that juts out near the ceiling. Fire a blue portal onto the wall panel. Next, fire an orange portal onto the ground.

Is there a walkthrough for portal Reloaded chamber 2?

Video tutorial to complete Portal Reloaded Chamber 2. A walkthrough to beat all the chambers in no more than 2 minutes (merits to MNC mascot) Video tutorial to complete Portal Reloaded Chamber 3. A walkthrough to beat all the chambers in no more than 2 minutes (merits to MNC mascot)