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Download 3DS Cia – 3ds roms | 3dsiso.org


how do I install aperture science (portal 3ds) on my n3ds xl? | ?


05/02/2019  · When I was looking all over the internet for aperture science 3D, I didn’t find a .cia version just . 3ds and .smdh files. I gave up cuz it was buggy as hell and crashed a lot ( it still the alpha and I don’t think smealium has made progress since. So I think there’s just that

3ds-cia-eshop directory listing – Internet Archive


632 rows  · 3ds-cia-eshop_archive.torrent: 15-Jan-2020 05:04: 931.9K: 3ds-cia ?

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Portal 3DS : alpha demo (Aperture Science 3D) – YouTube


20/03/2015  · http://twitter.com/smealumhttps://github.com/smealum/portal3DSthis is a video of the alpha demo of Aperture Science 3D. it shows a ?

hShop – The Ultimate 3DS Content Preservation Site


hShop a site which aims to preserve Nintendo 3DS Content of all types. It provides QR codes so users can download their desired content with ease using the FBI homebrew application. Categories. Titles. Total Size [Insert Name] is not on hShop! No big deal. We accept contributions of Nintendo 3DS Content, as long as it is in CIA format. Join our Discord Server for more ?

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Nintendo 3DS CIA TOMODACHI LIFE. Tomodachi Life CIA 3DS EUR. Nintendo 3DS CIA XENOBLADE. Xenoblade Chronicles 3D CIA 3DS EUR. Nintendo 3DS CIA ZERO SCAPE. Zero Escape Virtues Last Reward CIA 3DS EUR. Nintendo 3DS CIA ACE COMBAT. Ace Combat Assault Horizon CIA 3DS USA. Nintendo 3DS Decrypted ADVENTURE BAR STORY.

Nintendo 3DS Site To Download .CIA Games – YouTube


12/09/2018  · How to download 3ds games from these 4 sites. In depth tutorial:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrB8QImzywwAlternative sites, more on the way: https://madloa…

Aperture Science 3D 3dsx/CIA : 3dshacks


Eldritch12. there was a funny joke here 5 years ago. It’d be pretty hard to compile now since it uses a VERY old version of ctrulib, but maybe someone will get on it. 1. level 1. Theswweet. 11.2J N3DS A9LH/11.1U N3DS XL A9LH 5 years ago. I also had compiled a version for Homebrew Launcher a good whiles ago.